Cleaver Hunting Knife Carbon Steel Blade With Wood Handle


Overall Length:  14 inch
Blade Length:     9 inch
Handle Length:   5 inch
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Two Steel Pins

  • This is famous for its feature of durability.
  • The Shape of the color wood Handle is so good that it makes a comfortable grip
  • The knife has a full tang with 2 steel pins on the handle.
  • The Knife has high-quality content to give an excellent edge and sharp skills. stunning quality and durability

Cleaver Hunting Knife Carbon Steel Blade With Wood Handle. This Knife with a Wood Handle is a Multi-Purpose knife designed to perform well at many different Hunting and tracking tasks. If you want to quickly cut thick bushes or animals without trying hard, use this hunting knife. This knife we used to skin and cut up animals killed for food. This knife has a carbon steel blade. The handle has a comfortable grip and makes Controlling Knife Easy with beautifully designed Two pins of steel. The knife is a full tang that comes with a Leather Sheath. 

Our hunting knives perform incredibly. The blade of this knife is very sharp and used carefully. The Hardness Of The Blade this Rating means that The Blade will Stay Sharper for Longer. You Are Paying For Quality And We Give You Quality Blades That You Will Be Proud of On Your own. Its handle is most comfortable and made of Color Wood. Long-lasting and affordable.
Your experience with our products is of the utmost importance. A great knife comes from excellence. We use high-Carbon steel materials.

Blade Has Been Given An Excellent Heat Treatment To Get It Well Harden. Our Knives Very Sharp, So Open And Use Them Very Careful.
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