Almazan Custom Handmade High Carbon Steel Hunting set of 4 Knives With Hardwood Handle by Almazan Forge



Skinner knife                                                                         

Overall Length:  8 Inches,
Blade Length:           3.5 Inches,
Handle Length:         4.5 Inches,

Hunting knife

Overall Length:        13.5 Inches,
Blade Length:           8.5 Inches,
Handle Length:          5 Inches,

Hunting Knife

Overall Length:         13 Inches,
Blade Length:             8 Inches,
Handle Length:          5 Inches,

cleaver Knife

Overall Length:         14 Inches,
Blade Length:             9 Inches,
Handle Length:          5 Inches,
Blade Material High-Carbon Steel,
Handle Made Of Hardwood With Two brass Pins,
Amazing art on the Hunting knife with handwork,
Solid Built, Durable, and Sharp Edge.

The Hunting Knife High-carbon Steel Made By Almazan Forge, An essential addition to any Hunting collection, The hunting knife is perfect for almost any cutting task. 

The knife is a full tang that comes with a Leather Sheath. It features handle slabs. Handle That Provides Solid And Comfortable Grip. The Handle Makes Controlling this Knife Easy.

This set of Hunting knives is made up of 4 knives, these have handles made of Hardwood. This is a well-designed and well-built knife that feels comfortable in the hand and allows you to perform any cutting task with ease. It has excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.