Almazan Custom handmade survival knife stainless steel made with Micarta Handle


Overall size:             17″
Blade size:                12″
Handle size:               5″
Blade Material:         Stainless Steel
Handle Material:       Micarta 


  • Stainless steel is famous for its feature of durability.
  • The shape of Micarta Handle is so good and makes a comfortable grip
  • Our knife has 3 Steel Pins on the handle.
    The knife has high-quality content to give an excellent edge and sharp skills. stunning quality and durability

This is a handmade survival knife stainless steel that shines as bright as the sun.

The mirror shine finish is perfect for reflecting sunlight in the middle of the forest to attract attention. Handles containing micarta wood in black color increase the beauty of the knife. The sheaths are made from genuine leather and feature brass button snap straps to secure your bowie while in the wild or in any situation. The casing these knives come in is attractive and colorful and can help this already amazing item sell even better. More


Item Usage: -Outdoor -Hunting -Survival -Camping & Fire-Starting -Standard Home Usage -Meat Carving -Boning -Skinning -Bushcraft -Fishing. Company Goal: At Almazan Forge, we are focused on the outdoors. This handmade knife is intended to be an affordable solution for both men and women who love the outdoors. It has a quality visual appeal and blade consistency.