Yuma Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife

At Almazan Forge, you will always find a good range of knives to settle on from. Each knife we bring back market has been thoughtfully designed & engineered.
Blending the proper properties into chrome steel will make sure that your knife has the proper hardness & strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the Yuma carbon steel knife to hold its edge longer & make it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade. It’s the heart & soul of the blade & nobody heat treats the way we do.
The screamingly sharp edge also makes it highly proficient at dicing, mincing and chopping tough vegetables The Almazan Bushcraft Knife  12″ heavy duty Knife. This Knife is a powerhouse tool of ruthless chopping efficiency. Designed for breaking down large cuts of meat and poultry and fruits.
The blade’s profile sharp razor tip gives it the added ability to easily remove skin and get into deep, tight places. The knife is very useful for giving presents on different Occasions because it’s packed in a nice gift box and comes with the knife Edge Guard/Protector to protect your blade when you carry. This clever made of high quality stainless is a good choice for slicing, cutting, chopping or preparing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, or even cheese. You can use this Yuma carbon steel knife in the forest and when you go camping it is best to cut woods for fire and chop meat. The cover with a knife made of pure strong leather helps to carry the knife everywhere. This is the only Knife you need.


Overall size:              12″
Blade size:                7.5″
Handle size:              4.5″
Blade Material:         Carbon Steel
Handle Material:       Wood
Cover Material:         Leather

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You can cook, if you would like to, with a fireplace and a couple of ingredients. You’ll make things simple with a pot or two. But cooking changes the day you select an honest knife. An honest knife has perhaps got to set you back a couple of quid. It needn’t cost thousands, but you’re certainly getting to choose one that’s suitable for the upper limits of your skills. Choosing your knife may be a statement about yourself “I am a cook – not just someone who cooks”.