Butcher knife​

This Butcher Steel Knife is an all-purpose tool which will chop, crush, mince, scoop, and slice food and performs well at many various kitchen tasks. The features of this knife are that a full tang comes with a shocking and sturdy steel blade, beautiful handmade models.
A beautiful butcher steel knife is an important tool for each cook. The knife may be a cook’s most vital tool. a pointy fringe of the blade is employed for cutting. A great choice chopper is often used on meats, vegetables, and herbs, and performs all slicing, chopping, and mincing duties wonderfully. This is an absolutely amazing knife for such a reason. it’s a non-slip thereto and is extremely comfortable. The handle makes controlling this knife easy. Handle that gives a solid and cozy grip. The blade is formed of steel. The blade is durable forged from one piece of imported premium quality, high-carbon steel, ensuring a pointy edge. The butcher knife may be a high-performance kitchen workhorse, ensuring ultra-thin slicing and dicing maintenance or pack up required. The blade has been given an honest heat treatment to urge it well hardened.
Our Knives are Very Sharp, So Open & Use Them Very Carefully.


Over All Size :  14 inch 
Handle Size  : 5.5 inch
Blade Size    : 8.5 inch 
Blade Width : 3.9 inch
Blade Material : Carbon Steel
Handle Material : Color wood
full tang blade
blade is made of beautiful choil style
five bross lanyard Hole on handle.

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Almazan Forge

At Almazan Forge, you’ll always find an honest range of Butcher Steel Knife. Each knife we bring back to the market has been thoughtfully designed & engineered. Blending the right properties into chrome steel will confirm that your knife has the right hardness & strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife to carry its edge longer & make it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade. It’s the heart & soul of the blade & nobody heats treats the way we do.