The best extreme outdoor adventures in America

From paragliding off a mountain to driving a tank through a house, These outdoor adventures will get your pulse racing.
There’s no got to leave the country to urge your thrills. Whether your idea of pleasure is paragliding off a volcano, rappelling down a waterfall, or simply flattening a house with a tank, many of those extreme outdoor adventures are often tackled during a weekend getaway.

Fly an aerobatic plane in Las Vegas

Getting a flying eagle’s view of Vegas is thrilling in itself, but pulling Gs in an aerobatic plane takes a sightseeing flight to heart-racing new heights.  Sky Combat Ace allows you to take over the controls. The demonstration pilots, flying as one unit, demonstrate the talents and … “Safety is paramount and a key to planning the demonstration maneuvers”

. consider it as driver’s ed without the danger of hitting anything.

Go overnight caving in McMinnville, Tennessee

Want to get in touch with your inner caveman? Not only can you explore Cumberland Caverns, which has more than 32 miles of underground passageways complete with cool rock formations, waterfalls, and pools, but you can sleepover, too. Excursions include the All round the Mountain tour, featuring ladder climbs, cave crawling, and camping call at an underground cave, followed by breakfast within the Volcano Room, a large space that is also used sometimes for concerts.

Heli-ski in Anchorage

chopper taking you to the highest slope of the mountains that the concept of your limit, heli-skiing transports you to slopes only accessible by chopper. Set within one among the most important state parks in America, just north of Anchorage, the Chugach Mountains offer thousands of miles of terrain, powder bowls, and steep vertical descents, all of which suggests you’ll never ski an equivalent line twice. Chugach Powder Guides and Dean Cummings’ H2O Guides are two of the simplest operators within the area.

Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking

No, we’re not talking about the Disneyland attraction. This single-track mountain-bike route heads primarily downhill from the Tahoe Rim Trail for several miles—the total descent is quite 2,000 feet. Many steep drops (especially at the start), traversing nothing but rocks, plus mind-blowing views of the California-Nevada–straddling a lake, it sure lives up to its name. If you’re not bringing your own wheels, Wanna Ride Tahoe can provide bikes, helmets, and other local trails.

Ride North America’s highest, fastest and longest zip line

Whizz 600 feet above a verdant—or snowy, counting on the season—Catskills valley at slightly below the highway regulation along a 3,200-foot cable. The Skyrider tour is the most daring of three options at Hunter Mountain’s ny Zipline Adventure Tours, the most important zipline course in North America and therefore the second-largest within the world. The 650-foot-long mid mountain tour, which also traverses rope bridges and a rappel, may be a tamer option for beginners, and you’ll also tackle it in the dark

Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan

Yosemite park is one among the simplest rock-climbing destinations within the world, but you don’t need to be Tommy Caldwell or Kevin Jorgeson, the duo that made history in January by free-climbing the hauntingly sheer 3,000-foot Dawn Wall of seven ,569-foot El Capitan, to tackle its peaks. Additionally to the favored 8,839-foot-tall Half Dome, easier summits include Washington Column, with its 1,000-foot route. Yosemite Mountaineering School offers guided trips, also as climbing lessons and equipment rental.