Omaha Carbon Steel Chef Knife

The chef’s cleaver knife is one of the best knives to have in your kitchen. 
It is used for a multi-purpose knife variety of kitchen tasks.
A beautiful cleaver knife is an essential tool for every cook. 
The knife is a cook’s most important tool. 
A Sharp edge of the blade is used for cutting.The knife is very useful for giving presents on different Occasions because it’s packed in a nice gift box and comes with the knife Edge Guard/Protector to protect your blade when you carry.
Size and Weight of the knife is so perfect for a chef. A pure Leather cover with it to carry the knife everywhere you want.This cleaver made of high-quality carbon steel is a good choice for  slicing, cutting, chopping or preparing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, or even cheese.A professional Cleaver chef knife has completed works in a restaurant, cafe or another food establishment. 
They have high-level skills and knowledge of different cooking styles, cuisines,techniques, and dishes.
At Almazan Forge, you will always find a good range of knives to settle on from.Each knife we bring back market has been thoughtfully designed & engineered.Blending the proper properties into chrome steel will make sure that your knife has the proper hardness & strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife to hold its edge longer & make it easier for you to re sharpen the blade.
It’s the heart & soul of the blade & nobody heat treats the way we do.
Our knives are very sharp open and use them very carefully.


Overall size:             12″
Blade size:               7.5″
Handle size:             4.5″
Blade Material:         Carbon Steel          
Handle Material:       Wood
Cover Material:         Leather

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Almazan Forge

You can cook, if you would like to, with a fireplace and a couple of ingredients. You’ll make things simple with a pot or two. But cooking changes the day you select an honest knife. An honest knife has perhaps got to set you back a couple of quid. It needn’t cost thousands, but you’re certainly getting to choose one that’s suitable for the upper limits of your skills. Choosing your knife may be a statement about yourself “I am a cook – not just someone who cooks”.