An ideal restaurant may be a great cuisine and friendly staff. However, one thing that goes amiss is cutlery. Have you ever paid enough attention to picking the proper cutlery? Many restaurateurs feel that it’s not necessary to travel beyond employing a standard knife, spoon, and fork cutlery. However, you’ll be surprised to understand how the incorrect cutlery can end up to be a disaster for your business. counting on what food you serve, there are several sorts of cutlery available within the market. The subsequent article will offer you a glimpse of how you’ll bring variation in cutlery type and make dining out a memorable experience for your patrons

Type of cutlery

Cutlery implements used for cutting and eating food. It includes a knife, fork, and spoon. There are different types of Cutlery. an entire cutlery set may include a table knife, soup spoon, seafood fork, etc.


The two-tined fork is employed to chop meat while there or four-tined fork has other uses.

Salad fork

 Used for eating salad, noodles.


Spoons are wont to transfer food from platter or bowl to mouth. There are different types of a spoon.


 it’s meant for stirring coffee, tea, soups, and eating.

Fruit knife

The blades are often serrated or slightly curved. it’s meant to chop and peel fruits.

Butter knife

You can use this chrome steel table knife confidently as it’s free.


Different knives are designed to serve specific tasks. Choosing the proper knife makes it easier to perform that task. A knife is often designed for striking, chopping, tearing, dicing, spreading, carving or slicing. The difference lies within the blade of the knife whether it’s pointed, blunt, serrated etc.
Dessert knives are often used for dessert, fresh or crystallized fruit. It is often wont to cut cakes and pastries.