Cleaver knife​

Powerful and mighty, this pint-sized kitchens workhorse is perfectly crafted from a single piece of high-carbon steel. With its a razor-sharp edge, this compact and a portable cleaver packs a surprising punch. The conservative blade length and tall blade height offer impressive control, adept at effortlessly chopping cured meats, cheeses and vegetables, chop beef and dissecting poultry and mincing herbs and garlic. Don’t let looks deceive you, the Gladiator Series Cleaver is anything but cute. The blade is precision forged from one piece of imported premium quality, high-carbon steel, ensuring an ultra sharp edge with excellent wear and stain resistance. Hand sharpened to 18 degrees per side, the cleaver knife may be a high-performance kitchen workhorse, ensuring ultra-thin slicing & dicing with minimal effort, maintenance or pack up required. Featuring a gorgeous , ergonomic and ambidextrous imported black Micarta handle for extra strength, the cleaver knife is carefully designed for max comfort and maneuverability. The knife is agreeable to carry because it is to seem at, featuring a perfectly engineered balance with a satisfying presence. The hand polished bolster adds counterweight and offers finger protection, The handle ensures the


Overall Length: 14 Inches,
Blade Length: 8.5 Inches,
Blade Width: 2.8 Inches,
Handle Length: 5.5 Inches,
Blade Steel: Carbon Steel,
Handle Material: Micarta With Three Brass Pins,
Amazing art on the Chef knife Solid Built,
Durable, Sharp Edge.

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Almazan Forge

At Almazan Forge, you’ll always find an honest range of knives to choose from.Each knife we bring back to the market has been thoughtfully designed & engineered.Blending the right properties into chrome steel will confirm that your knife has the right hardness & strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife to carry its edge longer & make it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade.It’s the heart & soul of the blade & nobody heat treats the way we do.