The chef knows the best 

A chef is responsible for the kitchen in restaurants or other places where food is served. They watch all activity and food preparation with any staff that might assist within the kitchen. They supervise the preparation of food for its garnishing and presentation, also as the seasonings for an ideal taste. A chef orders food or kitchen supplies and provides cost estimates to the employer. They monitor any staff requirements and production schedules to make certain any services are delivered on time.

Head Chef

A chef or head cook must have knowledge of food preparation, production and processing. they have to possess knowledge of the customer and private service so as to realize customer satisfaction. they have to be current on public safety and security. A chef should be skilled in monitoring, coordinating and effectively chatting with others. they have skills of your time management, active listening, judgment and deciding . He or she has the power to make a thought or new application to reinforce job performance among staff or themselves

A chef would coach and develop other staff within the kitchen to enhance their skills. Because a kitchen depends on a cooperative team effort, the chef or head cook would encourage staff to possess mutual respect and trust for every other. A chef or head cook are often found working in restaurants, private households, hotels, casinos or other food service places. They work a spread of hours, such as, early morning, late evenings, holidays, and weekends. This occupation is extremely fast-paced and normally has full-time hours. you ought to expect strong competition especially at upscale restaurants, casinos, or hotels due to the upper salary paid in these places.