Askook Handmade Carbon Steel Cleaver Knife

Every a part of the cleaver knife is put to use, and it’s quite versatile when it involves cutting, and chopping. The sharp fringe of the blade is employed for cutting, while the Blunter top edge wont to pound and tenderize meat. The cleaver is a superb tool for Cutting garlic and ginger.Traditionally, cleaver blades were made from steel . Unfortunately, steel is very vulnerable to rust.
Size of Handle is ideal and makes a cushy grip. Weight is balanced so chefs can easily chop meat with the knife. A Pure Leather cover given with the knife to hold it. It increases the sweetness and Safety.
Just because seems like a butcher’s cleaver doesn’t suggest you’ll use it to cut
bones. Heavier cleavers are designed for this, but the first function of lighter
cleavers—often called Chef Knives are slicing meat & vegetables. If you’re uncertain which sort of clever you’ve got , check the shop where you bought it.
“Blade Has Been Given a Super Heat Treatment to urge It Hardened.
Our Knives are Very Sharp, So Open & Use Them Very Carefully.
Once you’ve got a knife in your hand (see photo above for correct grip) you ought to immediately get a way of its fit. It should feel comfortable, sort of a natural extension of your hand. It should inspire
confidence, not instill fear. If it feels wrong, move on. If it feels pretty good, start chopping (or mock chopping), noting how you answer the knife’s physical characteristics.

At Almazan Forge, you’ll always find an honest range of knives to choose from.Each knife we bring back market has been thoughtfully designed & engineered.Blending the right properties into chrome steel will confirm that your knife has the right hardness & strength. Heat-treating or tempering the blade helps the knife to carry its edge longer & make it easier for you to re-sharpen the blade.It’s the heart & soul of the blade & nobody heat treats the way we do.


Overall Length:      14 Inches
Blade Length:         8 Inches
Blade Width:          3.9 Inches
Handle Length:       6 Inches
Blade Steel:           Carbon Steel
Handle Material:     Dollar Wood
Cover Material:        Leather

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You can cook, if you would like to, with a fireplace and a couple of ingredients. You’ll make things simple with a pot or two. But cooking changes the day you select an honest knife. An honest knife has perhaps got to set you back a couple of quid. It needn’t cost thousands, but you’re certainly getting to choose one that’s suitable for the upper limits of your skills. Choosing your knife may be a statement about yourself “I am a cook – not just someone who cooks”.