Almazan kitchen butcher knife

Almazan Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Chef Knife with Dollar Wood Handle

This Knife Is a multi-purpose knife design to perform well at many different tasks. Just because it looks like a butcher’s cleaver doesn’t mean you can use it to chop bones. Heavier cleavers are designed for this, but the primary function of lighter cleavers—often called Chef’s Knives are slicing meat and vegetables. If you’re uncertain which type of clever you have, check the store where you purchased it.





Product Feature

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is famous for its feature of durability

 Dollar Wood Handle

The shape of  Dollar Wood Handle is so good and makes a comfortable grip

Handle Pins

Our knife has 4 Steel Pins on the handle.

Blade Edge

The knife has high-quality content to give an excellent edge and sharp skills. Stunning quality and durability

Blade Tip

Tip: This is often the purpose of the blade . It’s primarily used for precision cuts and quick cuts.

Knife Quality

The Process of making a forged knife is usually more expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive than making a stamped knife. The Use of the Forging Process for a knife is to Ensure better-quality, more comfortability and its efficiency to use

How our Knives are made:

Our carbon steel Knives are made up of multiple metals which are fused together to create a single piece. The Combination between steel types creates those distinctive and beautiful patterns


The Strength of carbon steel is directly associated with its quality. Our carbon steel Knives blend some high quality materials, and the forging process is meticulous to ensure that there are no voids, cracks, or risk of delamination while you’re working with the metal.

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Almazan Handmade Carbon Steel Chef knife with Dollar Wood Handle



Overall Length: 14 Inches
Blade Length: 8 Inches
Blade Width: 3.9 Inches
Handle Length: 6 Inches
Blade Steel: Carbon Steel
Handle Material:     Dollar Wood
Cover Material:        Leather

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