Almazan High Quality Hand Forged Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

This is an Almazan Custom Hand Forged Stainless steel Hunting Knife. It is Handmade and its Handle wood is so strong it can be used for any working. The handle with a normal size is so good and the shape of the handle having a curve makes its grip strong. Having beautiful leather sheath with it makes the beauty of a knife double. Stainless steel pins in the handle make the handle strong.  It’s steel stays sharp very well.  The hunting knife is a knife that is used during hunting in the forest surviving you can use it in camping skinning animals, cutting woods e.t.c.




Sizing (9)

Knife Quality

The Process of making a forged knife is usually more expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive than making a stamped knife. The Use of the Forging Process for a knife is to Ensure better-quality, more comfortability and its efficiency to use

How our Knives are made:

Our Stainless steel Knives are made up of multiple metals which are fused together to create a single piece. The Combination between steel types creates those distinctive and beautiful patterns

The Strength of Stainless steel is directly associated with its quality. Our Stainless steel Knives blend some high quality materials, and the forging process is meticulous to ensure that there are no voids, cracks, or risk of decontamination while you’re working with the metal.

Almazan Hunting Knife High Quality Hand Forged Fixed Blade



Overall size: 11.75 Inch
Blade size: 7 Inch
Handle size: 4.75  Inch
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Hollow ground
Tumbled finish
Amboyna scales, black & white bronze liners, bronze pins

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